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If you own a Traffic Exchange (T.E.) with LFMTE script, you just come to the right place. We offer the following products and services to LFMTE Script traffic exchange the following:

  1. LFMTE Traffic Exchange Hosting.
  2. LFMTE Ready Made Traffic Exchange.
  3. LFMTE Traffic Exchange Mod.

LFMTE Traffic Exchange Hosting

We offer a very affordable hosting package for a low as $20.00 monthly compared to commercial LFMTE Hosting available as much as $24.95 to $49.95. We decided recently to purchase our own server to host Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing and we want to share it to lower our monthly maintenance expenses. Base on our calculation we can share it that low price monthly because we are not commercializing it. We will do the migration process from your existing hosting provider to our server at no additional cost. 

LFMTE Ready Made Traffic Exchange

We understand the demand of a so called home base business as part of the new normal that the pandemic teaches us. Traffic Exchange is just one among the consideration. With that consideration, we decided to have the LFMTE reseller license for us to be able to help future aspiring LFMTE business owner. We will help you get started as quickly as possible to get the fast return of your (ROI). Initially, we have 2 offer packages for the LFMTE; 1st package $199.00 (Unlimited domain license, Life Time Upgrade in Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing, Domain name registration, Script Installation). This package will allow you to chose your own design of your new T.E. 2nd package is $299.00 (Unlimited domain name license, Life Time Upgrade in Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing, Domain name registration, Script installation, Complete graphics design, 125x125 square banner, 468x60 banner). The ownership/license will be transfer to your name and also the domain name registration. There is no other place better than working from the comfort of your own home and be your own boss.

LFMTE Traffic Exchange Mod

We are also developing useful mod for the LFMTE Traffic Exchange. Initially we offer; 3 in 1 Mailer and Multi Banner Page. You can create your own to find our more about it in your members area under "LFMTE Mod" from the navigation menu. 

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Exclusively hosting LFMTE Traffic Exchange

Actual Host 4U provide a very affordable Traffic Exchange hosting package.

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Actual Host 4U uses the latest web technology server to bring a steady stream of traffic to your web site. It's fast and affordable.

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